Professional Lice and Nit Removal Services

Here at Professional Lice Removal we pride ourselves in making sure our clients leave our office completely lice and nit free. When you make an appointment with us you and your family are our primary focus. This is why we offer treatments and head checks by appointment only in our private office setting. This means no one is in our offcie during regualr business hours, you must contact us to make an appointment. You can contact us by phone, email, or our social media outlets.
During a removal our technicians use an exclusive non-toxic treatment process to effectively remove lice and nits. We use our oil treatment and mousse to comb through the hair section by section until it’s clean taking great care not to mix with uncombed sections. Once the entire head has been combed through we do one last inspection to ensure we have completely removed all lice and nits. This process can be time consuming, but very thorough!
With these products and this process we guarantee in just one visit our trained staff will eliminate all lice and nits. Throughout the appointment our staff will coach you on how to comb and inspect your families hair at home and also give you a handout with information on the proper way to clean certain items in your home to help reduce the risk of a future infestation.

Individual and family inspection to confirm head lice infestation

Nearly half of all people that suspect they have lice do not. It is important to get a head check before you start any type of treatment for lice. This can save you time and money. Our trained staff can check your families hair in our private office setting and discuss your treatment options.