***Please see explanation below for each type of appointment***

Treatment-$99 per hour/per technician*

Head Checks-$25 per person

***We do not accept medical insurance***

Head Lice and Nit Removal Treatment


Your privacy and treating your family thoroughly and efficiently is our number one priority. Please call to discuss setting up an appointment. We do not have someone in our store front at all times. It is VERY important that the number of people in the family who need a check or removal is thoroughly discussed when calling in to make an appointment. Our technicians are on an on-call basis and have set aside a specific amount of time to meet your needs given the type of appointment. We want to be thorough and give everyone the individual attention they deserve and call in reinforcements if necessary. This can be difficult if additional family members are wanting to be seen this same day but that was not initially discussed when making the appointments.

Treatment fee is a flat rate of $99 per hour* combined between all family members. This is where one of our skilled technicians will use our products and comb through your hair until all the lice and nits are gone. The comb we use during the appointment is yours to keep and comes with a lifetime warranty. It should last through the whole family for multiple combings! An “average” treatment is 2-3 hours for girls and 30 minutes-1 hour for boys. The length and thickness of hair, as well as the severity of the infestation, will determine actual treatment time. The treatment fee includes the follow-up visit between seven and ten days after the initial treatment process, the comb to continue the treatment at home, and any phone or email consultation that may be needed before or after the appointment. We guarantee that when you leave our office you will be 100% lice and nit free and if you continue to follow our instructions at home you and your family will stay that way.

*If we feel the removal could take more time than originally discussed, or you have a time conflict or restraint, another technician can be called in to help comb additional family members. This can decrease the time it takes to complete the removal, but compounds the charged rate for whatever time period the two technicians are working simultaneously.  i.e. a family of six might need an eight hour combined treatment. We can have another technician come to decrease the total time taken, yet you will still be charged the price of an eight hour treatment.

If the person who was treated by Professional Lice Removal feels they are still having symptoms and all instructions were followed at home we will be more than happy to check them again in office free of charge if scheduled within seven-ten days of initial treatment.

***Some removals take longer than others, plan to bring snacks and a tablet (WIFI available) or something to keep the child or yourself occupied***

We know that not everyone cannot afford to come in for a full treatment. We offer our Treatment Kit for $75 available in the “Products” Tab. This kit includes everything we use to achieve a removal in the office and we will be more than happy to coach you through how to comb and give you advice on how to clean your home to ensure the removal is a success.

Individual and Family Inspection to Confirm Possible Infestations

$25 per person in the family. This also includes a complete consultation. This means we only LOOK and DO NOT treat. If an infestation is confirmed and you wish to be treated, only the cost of treatment will apply. If there are multiple people in the family being checked and a removal is required, the fee for the checks will still apply to the rest of the family but waived for the person needing the removal. Head checks are billed only when a check alone is provided. We strongly encourage complete family head checks before you spend time and money treating the entire family.



The only forms or payment we can accept are debit/credit cards and cash. We thank you for your understanding