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You find out your child has lice and a million questions go through your mind. How did my child get lice? How can I get rid of it? Who do I call? Can the dog get it? All these questions are normal and answerable! Unfortunately, lice is far more common than we think and can affect people of all ages. It is also far more simple to treat than most people know. With many options out there, choosing the right treatment is very important. At Professional Lice Removal, we can offer a treatment process that eliminates lice and their eggs in one visit and provide opportunity to purchase prevention products to help safe-guard against a future infestation.  Most over the counter products at your local drug store have harsh pesticides and chemicals that may or may not get the job done the first time. They also have usage and age restrictions. At Professional Lice Removal, our non-toxic products are made with essential oils and can be used daily on children of all ages to prevent lice infestation. We also offer a non-toxic approach for the removal of lice and their eggs.  All of our head checks, treatments, and product pick-ups are offered by *appointment only* in our private office facility. Throughout the appointment our trained technician will coach you on home combing, checking, and cleaning after the appointment to ensure your family and house stay lice free. For pricing information please refer to the “Pricing” tab. Please feel free to call us at 256-585-7875 for more information of send us a message in the “Contact Us” tab!

All of our non-toxic products are available for purchase in the “Products” tab. Each product has a detailed description of how to use as well as an ingredient list. We also have product in our store front to meet your needs! Call us to make an appointment for pick-up!